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Cross-Border Harmonized
Flood Risk Reduction 2.2
– Construction measures in the Mura River Basin

Works in Croatia are already in their final stages, construction starts in Slovenia in the spring

Anton Kustec, Head of the Mura area sector, Water directorate of the Republic of Slovenia, emphasized that construction activities in Slovenia are just beginning, and in Croatia these are already in their final stages. »The estimated duration of the project is 24 months. We are planning to start construction in the spring and finish in August 2020. We have already obtained a building permit for the 890 m long embankment, the tender for the contractor will be out in November, the contractor will be selected in February next year, and construction work will begin in March. They will include the construction of a new embankment, the reconstruction of part of the existing embankment, the construction of transition ramps, service roads and other similar construction measures for the purpose of the facility’s functionality. The estimated investment in the construction of the embankment amounts to EUR 1.35 million.« He added: »Flooding in the past has had significant consequences in our environment. Benica has been given priority and there are still several critical points that need to be addressed.

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