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Cross-Border Harmonized
Flood Risk Reduction 2.2
– Construction measures in the Mura River Basin

An important milestone of the project has been reached

Plakat v Lendavi napoveduje poln razmah gradbenih del na nasipu pri Benici.
Billboard in Lendava heralds a full expansion of construction work on the embankment near Benica.

Any contribution to improving the security of citizens, their property as well as natural and cultural heritage is one of the key priorities of the state and counts towards the overall commitment of all stakeholders to the safety of the environment in which we live and create. In the area of ​​the Mura river basin, we try to mitigate the present risk of flood risk with various activities, both soft contents and infrastructure measures, disturbing environment as little as possible.

The Mura River is a border river for a large part of its course, so good neighbourly cooperation is extremely important for the effectiveness of the well-being of the implemented measures. Reciprocity and coherence are among the more visible principles, as a solution that would contribute to greater security on the one hand must not reduce the security of the other.

This way of working and the common challenge of neighbouring countries with the aim of reducing the risk of floods strengthens the processes of cooperation for the overall harmonious development of the European Union and its values and principles. The latter was also identified as part of cross-border coordinated flood risk reduction activities in the Mura river basin with construction measures for the reconstruction of the Sveti Martin na Muri embankment on the Croatian side and the upgrade of the high-water embankment near Benica on the Slovenian side. Structural measures to reduce the risk of floods are co-financed from the cooperation program Interreg V-A Slovenia – Croatia, financial perspective 2014 – 2020.

The reconstruction of the Sveti Martin na Muri embankment has already been successfully carried out, while the billboard in Lendava heralds an important milestone in the full expansion of construction work at the Benica construction site and the successful completion of the cross-border project.

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