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Flood Risk Reduction 2.2
– Construction measures in the Mura River Basin

Work on the upgrade of the high-water embankment near Benica is in full swing

Dela pri nadgradnji visokovodnega nasipa pri naselju Benica v polnem razmahu.
Work on the upgrade of the high-water embankment near Benica is in full swing.

Project activities to reduce the risk of floods – considering the climate change, protection and improvement of living conditions, and environmental protection – are in full swing on the Slovenian side of the bilateral project Frisco 2.2 in the context of the implementation of structural measures.

Following the successful completion of construction work on the Sveti Martin na Muri embankment on the Croatian side at the end of 2019, the known global circumstances due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic also affected the timeline of the Frisco 2.2 project.

The new situation, which began to be reflected in the Republic of Slovenia at the beginning of 2020, required adaptation at all levels to new, unknown and at that time difficult to predict scenarios. The latter was most often reflected in significantly longer response times, which resulted in the extension of some procedures and consequently the project activities. With the public tender of the selected construction contractor, this put unpredictable facts expressed through the risks of construction feasibility in accordance with the project documentation due to possible unfavourable meteorological conditions, which are more likely in this part of the year (late autumn – winter – early spring).

The successful bridging of what has been described today is reflected in the full swing of construction works around the left bank of the Mura River, in the Republic of Slovenia, 450 meters from the settlement of Benica in the Municipality of Lendava. The construction of the embankment near Benica, which will connect the existing embankments of Lendava and Mura, includes the construction of a new embankment of approximately 880 meters, reconstruction of part of the existing embankment, installation of drainage, construction of transition ramps, service roads and other similar construction measures.

Structural measures on both sides of the Mura River are co-financed by the Interreg VA Slovenia-Croatia Cooperation Program, Financial Perspectives 2014-2020, as they were identified as a common challenge of neighbouring countries with the aim of reducing flood risk and consequently strengthening cooperation processes for overall harmonious development.

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